Eagle  Lake  Observatory  Special  Events

This page highlights the special events we are opening the observatory for. These events are generally ”Cancelled if Cloudy” events and happen during the work week or on weekends not on the regular public star party schedule.

For any changes to the observing schedule, check the Public Star Party schedule and/or the MAS homepage for the latest updates. For directions and additional information on the Eagle Lake Observatory, visit the Eagle Lake Observatory website.


Location: Eagle Lake Observatory at Baylor Regional Park
Address: 10775 County Rd 33, Norwood-Young America, MN

Transit of Mercury

November 11, 2019 – 8:00 am

On Monday November 11, the planet Mercury will transit the sun. The event begins just before sunrise (7:07 am) and will last until noon. The observatory opens at 8:00 AM.

This star party is a ”All Weather” event. Be sure to check the MAS home page and/or the MAS Discussion Forum for the latest updates if the sky looks questionable for viewing.

The next transit will be in November of 2032, then November of 2039 – both of those end before sunrise from Minnesota and will not be visible. The next transit of Mercury visible from Minnesota won’t be until May of 2049!!! (that’s 30 years) DO NOT MISS THIS RARE EVENT!!