B-SIG meeting

October 14, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Metcalf Field
Clayton Lindsey
651 231 5619
B-SIG meeting @ Metcalf Field


2016 BSIG Observing Session This Friday (10/14/2016) 7pm at Metcalf Nature Center

This Friday night (10/14), we will be having the last BSIG observing session of the year at Metcalf Nature Center near Afton.  These events have been a lot of fun this year, and have really grown in popularity too.  Last month we had 50-60 people show up on a gorgeous night!!
Here are the plans:
Come out to the Metcalf observing field this Friday night October 14th around 7:00pm (directions are below).
The Moon will be Full that night (Harvest Moon!), but weather permitting we will still be able to view Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, as well as several star clusters, nebulae and galaxies!
If you’d like to attend, please bring a lawn chair, blanket, layers of warm clothing, hat & gloves and a snack/warm beverage to keep you going.  A lot of people are also using hand/feet warmers these days.  It can get cool very quickly this time of year, especially if it’s a dewy night.  The weather forecast right now calls for partly cloudy skies and a low of 41F that night.  So please do bring some extra clothing with you…
If you have a telescope or binoculars — bring them!!  The more the merrier.  Of course, it’s not a problem if you do not have any viewing equipment.  We’ll have enough telescopes and observing gear on hand for everyone to look through.  Last month we helped some MAS members who brought equipment to learn how to use them!
Directions to Metcalf:  (see this Google Maps link for directions to Metcalf — it’s from the West metro but it works for the the East too):  https://goo.gl/maps/hbw2dbQyUgq)
Head east from St. Paul along Hwy. 94. About four miles east of the I-694 /  I-494 crossing is Minnesota State Highway 95, also known as Manning Avenue (exit 253).  Turn south (right turn) and then almost immediately turn left onto the frontage road  (Hudson Road S). Continue east on the frontage road for about one and one-half miles. Turn right onto Indian Trail, checking the odometer as you turn.  Follow Indian Trail south for just about one and one-tenth miles, where you’ll see an unmarked chain-link gate on the right (west side of the road), opening onto a dirt driveway with slight up-slope. This is the the entrance to Metcalf.  
It can be difficult to find the entrance in the dark, so please try to arrive with some daylight left…
The Metcalf observing site is located 14 miles east of downtown St. Paul.  If you’ve got a GPS unit, here are the precise coordinates:  Latitude: 44.93734 (North) / Longitude: 92.82157 (West)
This month’s event will be hosted by Clayton Lindsey, the MAS President, and a new Rover!
If you’re planning to come, please e-mail Clayton at: claytonlindsey@comcast.net so he can keep you updated on any plan changes.  If Friday night is clouded out, we’ll plan on hosting another session at Metcalf on Saturday night. You can also text Clayton (651-231-5619) if you’re running late or are having trouble finding the entrance to the Metcalf observing field…
We hope to see you this Friday night!!  

Suresh Sreenivasan
MAS B-SIG Coordinator