2020 Jupiter / Saturn “Super Conjunction”

December 19, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Eagle Lake Observatory
Merle Hiltner
2020 Jupiter / Saturn "Super Conjunction" @ Eagle Lake Observatory

Public Star Party at the MAS Eagle Lake Observatory.

Jupiter and Saturn have a conjunction about every 20 years. On Saturday December 19, 2020, (beginning at 4:00 pm) we will be having a star party to observe this rare telescopic alignment. Jupiter and Saturn will be separated by only 13 arc minutes and well within the field of view of our telescopes. This rare event will not happen again for another 80 years. This event will be cancelled if cloudy so check the MAS web page if skies look questionable.

This event will be by reservation only. Follow the link HERE to register for this event.


This star party is a ”Cancelled if Cloudy” event. Be sure to check the MAS home page and/or the MAS Discussion Forums for the latest updates if the sky looks questionable for viewing. There will be the possibility of moving the star party as well. If the 19th is forecast to be cloudy, we may move it to an earlier date that is more favorable. Again, check the MAS home page and/or the MAS Discussion Forums for the latest updates.

For additional information on this VERY rare event, visit the MAS Special Events webpage HERE

The Eagle Lake Observatory consists of the Onan Observatory, the Sylvia A. Casby Observatory and the HotSpot Classroom.

Public nights at Eagle Lake are held about every other Saturday night from March till November. Annually, we also host all day events for Astronomy Day, Fall Astronomy Day and our annual Camping with the Stars event. Additionally, we may schedule a “special event” throughout the year for a rare astronomical event such as an eclipse, conjunction, transit or meteor shower.

Public star parties are open to all, but please review the Star Party Guidelines if you have not been to a public event before.

Additional information as well as directions can be found on the Eagle Lake Observatory web page.


All Weather Event (1st qtr. moon)

Eagle Lake Observatory
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Merle Hiltner onaninfo@mnastro.org