Print the full 2020 Cherry Grove Observatory Star Party schedule.


Please review the MAS Star Party Guidelines.

Cherry Grove Star Parties are held on Friday nights, with Saturday night reserved as the backup if Friday is cloudy.

The Cherry Grove site is available 24 hours a day. The deadbolt combinations, available to any MAS member, are required to use the observatory building and the warming house.

Note: Visitors who have limited experience attending a star party in a “dark-sky” location like Cherry Grove should review the MAS Star Party Guidelines.

Those who seek more detailed advice or answers to their questions may be more comfortable attending public viewing nights at our Eagle Lake Observatory at Baylor Regional Park. The observatory is always open on its scheduled public nights and staffed with volunteers ready and willing to help. Visit the Eagle Lake Observatory website for public event schedule and directions to the observatory.


NOTE: Other than the Messier Marathon, Virgo Venture and Fall Mini-Messier, there will not be any official MAS statement either on the webpage or by phone regarding the Go / No-Go call. Individuals will be personally responsible for their own decisions regarding the weather and whether or not to attend a scheduled event. Also note that the star parties are completely voluntary. As a result, you may find yourself one of many at a busy star party or you may be the only one there.


The MAS has a weather webpage with links to a variety of sites to help you come to an informed decision about attending a star party. Please utilize this resource for your planning HERE. There is also a strong presence on the MAS Discussion Forums regarding the upcoming CGO events and who may be attending as well as discussion on the weather forecast, expected conditions, etc.


This schedule is subject to change. Please check the MAS website at under the “Events” tab for the latest Star Party calendar and schedules.


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