Minnesota  Astronomical  Society  Membership

Many activities of the Minnesota Astronomical Society are open to the public.  Our monthly meetings, star parties, web site, forum-based discussion list and MAS e-mail list are available to all.

While meetings and star parties are open to all and in fact everyone is greatly encouraged to attend, MAS membership provides other substantial, tangible benefits, along with participating in a society of people sharing a common interest.

Your membership provides access to member-only benefits, such as keyholder privileges allowing use of any of the MAS observing sites and telescopes. MAS members also become affiliate members to the Astronomical League, qualifying for their observing programs designed to expand your astronomical abilities. Members also receive discounted prices for magazine subscriptions and books through the Astronomical League.

Your membership dollars and patron donations also provide the MAS with the financial resources needed to maintain and develop the great facilities and services enjoyed by members and non-members alike.

Follow this link for a comprehensive list of all the services and benefits the members of the Society enjoy.