The classes of membership and their associated annual dues are listed below.

Click on the appropriate ‘Add to Cart’ button (only one class of membership please, unless you are inputting multiple memberships!). You’ll be directed to PayPal, where a ‘shopping cart’ will indicate your selection and you can complete your transaction or select “Continue Shopping” to return to this page to add additional options like donations.

After your PayPal transaction is complete, you will be redirected back to the MAS web site. If this is a new membership or if you have any changes to your contact information, when you are returned to the MAS web site from PayPal, please click on this link to the “Update Member Information” web form to provide us with the correct and complete contact information for the member.

Be sure your mailing address for your membership correspondence is listed as your ‘shipping address’. If it is not, please add the correct address by clicking on the PayPal ‘new address’ button.”

The info in the form will be emailed to the MAS Membership Coordinator who will use it to ensure your correct contact information in our records. This is especially important if you are entering the membership on behalf of a different person or as a gift. Please enter any clarifying statements in the “Additional Comments / Notes” field.

By using PayPal you agree to release MAS from liability for loss or damages incurred from using the PayPal system and accept to donate the difference from payment by mail or in person.

PayPal charges a per-transaction fee.  In order to keep membership fees as low as possible, the MAS asks our members to pay a voluntary contribution, which is included in the PayPal prices listed on this page, to offset this fee.  If you do not wish to pay this voluntary fee, you can enter or renew your membership using the printed membership form instead of using PayPal.

If you wish to pay in person or by mail, print out the MEMBERSHIP FORM and send to the MAS P.O. Box noted on the form.

NOTE: Your application is not processed electronically, but manually by a volunteer.  There can be a delay ranging from several days up to several weeks, depending upon when our membership coordinator batch processes membership applications and renewals.

Please consider yourself a member as of the date you entered your application via PayPal or mailed your membership form.  You will get your welcome letter and information in the mail after your membership application is processed.  Please have patience.

By default new members are included in a MAS Membership directory available to members upon request. This list includes only your name, city/state and email address (street address and phone numbers are not shared). Member contact information is also shared with the Astronomical League (of which you automatically become a member when you join the MAS). We do not share member information with any organizations outside the MAS and Astronomical League. You may request both the MAS to not place your information in the directory and the Astronomical League to not share your information by selecting “Do Not Publish” on the “Update Membership Info” form.

Discounted subscriptions to both Sky & Telescope magazine and Astronomy magazine are available to members of the Minnesota Astronomical Society.  Detailed instructions to subscribe to these magazines at the astronomy club discount rate can be found HERE.

Membership Classes
Student Membership

Individuals who are full-time students qualify for the ”Student Membership” rate.  The benefits are the same as those of a regular membership, except that only the individual, not the household, is covered.  (Note that some benefits of membership, such as keyholder status at an observatory, have age-specific restrictions.)

Regular Membership

This is the basic membership level for the Society.  Regular members have access to all the benefits of membership.  A regular membership includes the entire household of the member of record.  (Only one copy of the Society’s newsletter is provided, and only the member of record can vote on business matters.)

Membership dues are renewed every year on the anniversary of date the membership application was processed by the Society.

Patron Membership

The ”Patron Member” level is for individuals who have the wherewithal and interest in supporting the MAS with an additional annual donation, above the regular membership rate.  The patron membership dues are set at two-and-a-half times the regular membership rate.

The additional money collected from patron members accumulates in a ”Special Projects” fund that is used to fund things that are not covered by the Society’s annual operating budget such as observing site improvements or purchasing new equipment.

Patron members receive all the benefits of regular membership, plus recognition in each month’s issue of the Society’s newsletter.  The Society may also sponsor special events exclusively for patron members.

Optional Donation
Additional donation to the MAS General Fund to cover operating costs*

* The MAS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax implications of your donation may depend on individual circumstances. Please consult with a tax advisor.