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Welcome to the world of astronomy and stargazing in Minnesota. The Minnesota Astronomical Society is here to help you get started – you don't even need to own a telescope! All you need is an interest to explore the universe.
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      There’s a Place for You

      It’s Time to Explore

      Interested in space exploration? Making your own telescope? Or maybe you just want to learn about Minnesota’s night sky. Resources for all of that and more are available at the Minnesota Astronomical Society! Our 450+ members vary in experience, knowledge, and specialized interest – but we all share in learning about astronomy and the wonders of the cosmos. Whether it’s attending an event or checking out the MAS discussion forums, there are many ways to start your journey here.

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      Plan Your Night Viewing

      In planning your night viewing, here are resources for what to view, when, and where to look. You can also view site-specific weather information.


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