Virgo Venture

The MAS ”Virgo Venture” is a star party dedicated to observing many of the brighter galaxies in the Virgo Cluster. The Venture is scheduled for the new moon weekend, usually one month after the Messier Marathon, when Virgo is in a prime viewing position. Friday is the primary night, with Saturday being the backup night.
Cherry Grove Event Schedule
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the Event

The Virgo Cluster is a cluster of galaxies in the constellation Virgo comprising approximately 1,300 (and possibly up to 2,000) member galaxies. The cluster forms the heart of the larger Virgo Supercluster, of which the Local Group is an outlying member. The first Virgo Venture was held in 2002, and has been held annually at the Cherry Grove Observatory.

Set your Sights

Clear skies? We’re on.

The Virgo Venture is held only if the skies are clear and will be CANCELLED IF CLOUDY. See the Cherry Grove event schedule and the Virgo Venture discussion forum for the latest information and date.

Additional Resources

Below are helpful resources so you can make the most of your Virgo Venture experience: