MAS Outreach

From its humble beginnings in 1972, Outreach has been a cornerstone of the Minnesota Astronomical Society’s activities. Society volunteers have introduced the wonders of our universe to citizens of Minnesota numbering in the tens of thousand. Outreach events and activities over the years have included:
Regularly scheduled star parties open to the public:

Special star parties and presentations for elementary, middle and senior high schools, civic groups, individuals, the Science Museum, Nature Centers

Interested in an Event or Presentation?

Check our Events Calendar for upcoming opportunities. Many are open to the public.

To learn more about our outreach activities or to request an event for your group or organization, please submit the form here, or contact our Outreach Coordinator.

NOTE: The MAS makes every effort to honor appropriate requests. However as a volunteer organization we are occasionally unable to accommodate a request. If an private outreach event is not possible, groups are always welcome to attend our frequent Public Star Parties at the Eagle Lake Observatory.
If you plan on bringing a group to one of our public events, a courtesy email or telephone message is appreciated so we can make the necessary plans to accommodate your needs.

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