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Minnesota Astronomical Society members receive several benefits and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow stargazers.
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About the Society

Be a Part of Our Group

Participating in a society of people sharing a common interest is great … but it’s even better under the stars! Whether it’s participating in discussion forums, attending MAS events, or having access to astronomical observatory facilities, becoming a member of the Minnesota Astronomical Society helps you explore the universe. The youngest learners and beginners have the opportunity learn from the guidance of more experienced members as we experience all that is the universe together. All of this and more – from just outside your front door in the Twin Cities!

Forums & Learning

As amateur astronomers, we are constantly learning and always want to find out more about the universe and the wonders of the cosmos. Our numerous special Interest Groups (SIG), discussion forums, and educational events help members explore and participate in astronomy in the most effective ways possible.

Get Involved

Join Us at Any Event!

Star Parties

Every other saturday, March–November

Held at Eagle Lake Observatory, Star Parties are open to the public and a great way to stargaze with others under the night sky! Be sure to read party guidelines before attending.


Northern Nights Star Fest

Annually in August or September

In cooperation with Long Lake Conservation Center, this event provides many opportunities – from excellent staging for telescopes to MAS presentations to provided meals and snacks. See the Events Calendar for details.


Spring and Fall Astronomy Days

Annually in May and October

Held at Eagle Lake Observatory, this afternoon and evening event features speakers, solar and nighttime viewing, a constellation laser tour, and prizes. See the Events Calendar at ELO for details.


Camping With the Stars

Annually In July or August

The annual Camping With the Stars takes place at Eagle Lake Observatory. The event will feature talks, prizes, solar viewing, and fun activities for the whole family.  Camping is available on the adjacent ballfield and at Baylor Regional Park Campground.


MAS Monthly Meetings

First Thursday of each Month @ 7 p.m.

MAS meetings are open to all and feature board member intros, general announcements, constellation presentations, a main speaker, after-meeting social gatherings, and more.  Join us in-person or online.


Special Events

Eclipses, comets, planets, etc.

The MAS hosts special star parties based on celestial current events, such as lunar and solar eclipses, planet conjunctions, comet appearances, occultations, and other happenings in the sky.  The MAS home page and Events Calendar will highlight these special happenings.

Beginner’s Interest Group Meeting and Star Parties

Approximately Monthly

The Beginner’s Group meets for a monthly star party at Metcalf Field during the summer, and hosts online and/or in-person presentations about a wide variety of topics of interest for beginners.  Bring your new telescope and get help in setting it up and using it for astronomy enjoyment. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the MAS?

Join or renew your membership now. You can also join at any MAS monthly meeting.

How do I renew my MAS membership?

Your membership card shows the date your current term expires. Approximately two months prior to your expiration date, you’ll receive an email reminder that includes a renewal form. If you have not yet renewed, we will send you a personalized Membership Renewal Form during the month leading up to your expiration date.

You may either print and complete the Membership Renewal Form emailed to you or complete the paper form mailed to you and return it to the MAS PO Box with your check. Or you can renew online.

At any time, if you wish to renew your membership, but do not have a form, you may either renew online or put your name and renewal information on a Membership Application Form and mail it to our PO Box.

If you don’t receive a Membership Renewal Notice at least two weeks before your membership expires, please contact the MAS Membership Coordinator.

I am not a member yet. Can I attend Star Parties?

Absolutely. Attending a Star Party is one of the ways many members first learn about the MAS. View Star Parties schedule and information »

Do I need a telescope to attend a Star Party?

Not at all. Attending Star Parties is a great way to “window shop” before you make a substantial investment. Star Party participants are usually willing to share both the good and bad aspects of their telescopes and to let you look through their scopes.

What should I expect at an MAS Star Party?

It is unusual that no MAS members attend a star party – but it sometimes happens. If you require the company of others – for security, camaraderie, or to get your questions answered – consider attending a public event at our Eagle Lake Observatory, which are always staffed, even when weather conditions prevent observing with telescopes.

I have a new telescope or am considering purchasing one. Can someone answer my questions?

This is the most frequent request we receive. Finding a specific individual to answer your questions can sometimes be challenging. There are four options you might consider:

  1. Attend an MAS Star Party: This is a great opportunity to see many types of telescopes in action and speak directly with their owners.
  2. Visit a public event at Eagle Lake Observatory: There are always MAS members available to answer telescope questions.
  3. Attend a MAS Monthly Meeting:  Meetings are open to the public and are a great way to meet other astronomy enthusiasts from beginners to experts.
  4. Join the Beginner’s Special Interest Group: If you are a member of the MAS, this is a great way to learn the ins and outs of your new equipment or about options. The group regularly conducts observing sessions with the objective of helping each other out with equipment and observing questions.

How do I borrow an MAS telescope?

Loaner equipment reservations are managed by the Loaner Scope Coordinator of the society. Learn about our Loaner Scope Program »

How do I get discounts for subscriptions and purchases?

Discounted Sky & Telescope magazine and Astronomy magazine subscriptions are available to any current member by contacting the magazine’s customer service department. Instructions for subscribing or renewing subscriptions at astronomy club discount rates »

Sky Publishing Corporation (Sky & Telescope books, charts, and merchandise) discounts are available by listing “Minnesota Astronomical Society” and the astronomy club discount code (4CLB13) on the order form.

For information regarding discounts through the Astronomical League’s book service, please visit

Questions regarding magazine subscriptions? Contact the MAS Membership Coordinator.