The following are general rules for the public attending any event of the MAS. While specifically targeted for events at the Eagle Lake Observatory, all locations where the public may attend would be included.


These rules supersede existing information you may find elsewhere on our website.


Here are the site rules for the general public:

Registration is no longer required to attend a public star party.

A signed copy of the MAS liability waiver is also no longer required.

Regarding this Executive Order the MAS Board has discussed and decided masks are no longer required for activities outdoors.

However, as a precaution for the near future:
Masks are required for all persons for all indoor activities including observatories, classrooms, and warming houses whether you are fully vaccinated or not.
Masks are also required when at a telescope platform either inside the observatory or on an observing plaza outside the observatory. Masks also required when in line waiting to view through a telescope.

No masks are required outside the observatory. When not wearing a mask, maintain social distancing of 6 feet or more to other guests or groups.


  • Events are all weather, however events may be cancelled due to severe weather – Notification, if cancelled, will be posted on the MAS home page

  • Start time of 7:00 pm, unless noted otherwise.

  • Masks to be worn “properly” over the nose and mouth.


Additionally, if you haven’t been to a star party lately, review the general MAS Star Party Guidelines as well.


These rules make observing a little more challenging, but we believe these rules will help ensure the safety of our guests and members alike.  Thank you for your cooperation.



Metcalf Field Site Use Rules – April 18, 2021

These rules supersede existing information you may find elsewhere on our website.


The following rules are related to Star Parties (including BSIG) at Metcalf Field. 

Events are Cancelled if cloudy – Notification, if cancelled, will be posted on the MAS Discussion Forum

  • Face mask use is encouraged but will not be required for outdoor events.

  • Attendees should bring their own hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

  • Social distancing is still encouraged.

  • Field telescope setups must be spaced a minimum of 12 feet apart to maintain social distancing when in use.

  • A 12-foot spacing rule is suggested.

  • Please use respect when sharing scopes and eyepieces.


These rules are related to the all public star parties at Metcalf Field. Remember your actions and what you do reflects on the MAS.  Thank you for your cooperation.