The following are general rules for the public attending any event of the MAS. While specifically targeted for events at the Eagle Lake Observatory, all locations where the public may attend would be included.


These rules supersede existing information you may find elsewhere on our website.


Here are the site rules for the general public:

All events are by reservation only. Follow the link on the MAS home page for information on registering for an event. Registration is limited and we will stop taking reservation once the limit is reached.

Each person will need to read and sign the liability waiver. Either bring a signed copy or we will have copies to sign at the observatory. Entry will not be permitted without a signed waiver.


  • Events are Canceled if cloudy – Notification, if cancelled, will be posted on the MAS home page

  • Start time of 7:00 pm, unless noted otherwise.

  • EVERYONE to wear masks at all times. Masks to be worn “properly” over the nose and mouth.

  • EVERYONE to fill out the contact tracing information.

  • Registered groups tend to stay together, please maintain social distancing between groups.


These rules make observing a little more challenging, but we believe these rules will help ensure the safety of our guests and members alike.  Thank you for your cooperation.